Pita Pizza

As week 4 of the edublogs challenge begins we have to write about global organizations for me I picked Pitza 42. At pitza 42 for every pitza sold a portion of the proceeds goes to feed my starving children.  Have you heard of Subway or Chipotle. Well, if you have its like that you get a piece of pita bread and put pizza toppings on it then its your very own PIZZA!!!! Well, sort of its on pita bread. Anyway, a portion of the proceeds goes directly to buying food for feed my starving children. Also, if you don’t like pizza or aren’t in the mood for it they also have salad that you also make right there in front of you. It not only is totally healthy food it is also helpful food yes helpful food it is helping someone in need. Pitza 42 is a great healthy easy and quick way to get food and give food. As of 2010 Feed My Starving Children gave 127 million meals to starving children in Africa!!! If You have a organization like this in your neighborhood leave a link in the comments below.


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  2. Wow its true that you learn something new everyday…and I just did. I knew what a pita was and it is very tasty. The fact that there is an organization that helping to feed starving children in Africa. Its interesting to think that in America we worry about what kind of food or being on a diet and counting calories. In other places, people cant eat at all.

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