To Blog or Not To Blog

My teacher Mrs. Kelly asked us to answer wether or not blogging is beneficial. Heres my response:

Is a student having there own blog beneficial to there education? I believe it is. I believe that blogging not only is fun but it also helps us in many ways. A few ways are: writing, reading, spelling, and speaking your mind. How it helps us with writing is it teaches us how to write in all different styles like, informative, creative, and concise. I believe that if students did get there own blogs they should start out with doing something like The Student Blogging challenge because it really taught us how to blog well. Also having blogs taught us to spell correctly because how embarrasing would it be to have a bunch of spelling errors and then people all over the world see them!!! Blogging also helped us with reading because we read all sorts of posts and I believe we all read better now then before we began blogging. Lastly blogging teaches us to put what were thinking into words thats not to long but not to short. Overall I think blogging is a great fun and educational tool.


For week ten of ten of the student blogging challenge we had to answer questions about our blog and get someone else’s input on it.

here are the questions I had to answer about my blog:

1. Q. How many posts did you write?

A. I currently have 20 posts on my blog!

2. Q. How many were school based, your own interests or set by the challenge?

A. 8 are school based, 2 are my own interest(for fun) and 10 are Student blogging challenge posts

3. Q.  How many comments did you receive from classmates, teachers or overseas students?

A. I received 15 comments from classmates, 3 from teachers, and 5 from overseas students

4. Q. Which post received the most comments? Why do you think that happened?

A. The post that received the most comments is My RaNdOm Quality. I think this was because it really told you who I was and I think the title really grabbed peoples attention and made them want to read it

5. Q. Which post did you enjoy writing the most and why?

A. I enjoyed writing ABC as easy as 123 because  got to come up with tons of jobs and go through the alphabet so I really enjoyed it!.

6. Q. Did you change blog themes at all and why?

A. No I did not.

7. Q. How many widgets do you have? Do you think this is too many or not enough?

A. I have 12 widgets I think this is a good number because there not to distracting.

8. Q. How many overseas students do you have on your blogroll?

A. I have 3 oversea students on my blogroll.

I also had to get input on my blog from someone else I got this from Kerry check out her blog!!!!!

Me: What were your first impressions of this blog?

Kerry:  lots of dark colors and small posts

Me: you call that small or that or that

Kerry: okay those are terribly big

Me: or that or-

Kerry:okay lets move on now

Me: What captured your attention?

Kerry: your pictures the pictures that you did of the flowers and stuff

Me:What distracted you on the blog?

Kerry: nothing really distracted me on the blog

Me: What suggestions can you give me to improve my blog

Kerry: add a little bit more lighter colors

So that was my interview with Kerry again Check out her blog!!!!!!!

THANKS FOR READING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let’s Visit!!!!!!!!

For week 9 of the student blogging challenge I visited blogs and commented!!!!!!!! The blogs I visited were all very good. I really enjoyed there posts you should visit them.

Olivia’s Blog– Olivia is a very good writer i really enjoyed her posts! the post i commented on was titled Sick it was a post talking about her having to go home from school because she felt sick her brother also felt sick and was in the nurse as well. you should check her blog out

Jake’s Blog– After looking at Olivia’s blog I went to Jakes blog! Jake was also a very good writer and I commented on his post titled French Fries. The post was extremely descriptive and I could almost taste the french fries he was describing.

Hayden’s Blog– After checking out Jake’s blog i visited Hayden’s Blog! I really liked a lot of Haydens posts but the one I commented on was titled Going To School in The Middle Of The Night. This post was about hayden going to school at midnight and having a party with cake and ice cream I think it sounds really fun.


The Shampoo-F

For the Week 7 Student Blogging Challenge blog post I wrote about why YOU should buy a Shampoo-F


Why you should buy the SHAMPOO-F

1. It’s SUPER absorbant- Wait no its not

2. It’s the key to world peace- Wait it’s not that either

3. It’s a once in a lifetime fun adventure- Wait not really

4. It’s a medium size piece of cloth- PRECISELY!!!

SO BUY NOW FOR ONLY $999.99!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ENJOY-well not really


ABC as easy as 123

For this weeks Edu Blogs challenge  we had to write about work. We had many different options, I chose the A-Z poster. So here are some jobs that start with the letters of the alphabet. Enjoy!!!! Also feel free to add any you can think of in the comments!!!

A-Actress(or Actor),Accountant

B- Banker, Broker

C-Clown, Cosmotologist

D- Dietitian, Dancer

E- Engineer, Electrician

F- Fiddler, Fisherman

G- Garbage Collector, Grocer

H- Helicopter Pilot, Hockey Player

I- Insurance Agent, Investigator

J- Janitor, Judge

K- Kitchen Maid, karate Instuctor

L- Lawyer, Landscapper

M- Medical Assistant, Mechanic

N- Navigator, Naturalist

O- Optometrist, Orthodontist

P-Priest, Photographer

Q-Queen, Quantum Physicist

R-Receptionist, Real Estate Broker

S-Statistician, Stripper

T-Tailor, Tourguide

U-Undertaker, Ultrasound Technician

V-Vendor Violinest

W- Watchmaker Warden

X-X-ray Technician, Xylophonist

Y-Yodeler, Yachtsman

Z-Zoologist, Zookeeper

Leave any YOU can think of in the comments!!!!!

red orange yellow green blue PURPLE!!!!!

For the week 5 challenge on edublogs we had multiple choices. I chose to do a color collage for the color purple. So because of that i decided to make a gallery of purple pictures. These were some of my favorites. It was really hard to pick but here are a few


for the first picture-


second picture-

third picture-

fourth picture-

fifth picture-


Pita Pizza

As week 4 of the edublogs challenge begins we have to write about global organizations for me I picked Pitza 42. At pitza 42 for every pitza sold a portion of the proceeds goes to feed my starving children.  Have you heard of Subway or Chipotle. Well, if you have its like that you get a piece of pita bread and put pizza toppings on it then its your very own PIZZA!!!! Well, sort of its on pita bread. Anyway, a portion of the proceeds goes directly to buying food for feed my starving children. Also, if you don’t like pizza or aren’t in the mood for it they also have salad that you also make right there in front of you. It not only is totally healthy food it is also helpful food yes helpful food it is helping someone in need. Pitza 42 is a great healthy easy and quick way to get food and give food. As of 2010 Feed My Starving Children gave 127 million meals to starving children in Africa!!! If You have a organization like this in your neighborhood leave a link in the comments below.